Botswana Life launches subsidiary, Botswana Life Fiduciary Services

Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life), the leading life insurer on Monday, launched a new arm of its business, being its subsidiary, Botswana Life Fiduciary Services.

Focused solely on offering Estate Planning services for its clients, the Fiduciary Services offering is a welcome addition to the Botswana Life ever-expanding suite of financial and insurance-based services.

Estate Planning is an umbrella term that involves the development and management of wills and trusts. The Botswana Life Fiduciary Services therefore intends to assist clients to ensure the adequate management of assets and care of dependants in the event that one is not able to do so.

Truly an innovation in the local insurance landscape, Botswana Life continues to prove its commitment towards being a long-term financial partner to Batswana through the launch of this subsidiary.

Botswana Life Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Samuels said: “We are truly excited to be offering this to our clients. Much-needed in the insurance landscape of Botswana, Botswana Life Fiduciary Services is a step in the right direction in ensuring that all the people of Botswana have access to long-term comprehensive financial solutions which includes the offering of wills, administration of deceased estates and trusts.

“All Batswana, at all stages of their financial journey, deserve to be included in discussions relating to Estate Planning. These are fundamental to a solid financial foundation that will allow for sustainable growth and wealth creation for generations to come.

“In addition to launching this new advisory solution, we will also continue to work to educate the market on this topic, for financial literacy is also integral towards ensuring meaningful progression in life and more.”

Director of Botswana Life Fiduciary Services, Ms. Precious Hadebe said: “Botswana Life Fiduciary Services comes to market with the same passion, experience and dedication to delighting customers that Botswana Life strives to cultivate at all levels. We are eager to help Batswana prioritise their financial futures and that of their loved ones and remain unwavering in our commitment to support our clients further.”

Botswana Life has been working tirelessly to ensure that they continue to innovate the financial services sector while ensuring that they have met with all requirements and regulations to bring this offering to the market.

As Botswana Life continues to play a strong role in driving socio-economic prosperity, we understand that to grow further with Batswana means to continue to invest into their financial needs. We encourage everyone to discuss this option with their Financial Advisor.

“We recognise that it is our responsibility as a company in the financial services sector to ensure that our clients are aware of their estate and financial needs. We assure the public that our team is ready to delight you on this new journey. We are here to facilitate the protection and honour of your wishes by acting on your behalf at times when you may not be able to. This is truly a privilege and an honour to be able to assist and we do not take this responsibility lightly,” said Patricia Raditholo, the Executive Head of Compliance, Risk & Legal.

“The introduction of Fiduciary Services is yet another way Botswana Life seeks to offer our customers holistic financial advisory services through wills, administration of deceased estates and trusts. We are constantly seeking new ways to collaborate with customers. Their peace of mind is our priority,” concluded Mr Samuels.

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