Vee Mampeezy Family Products

As covid 19 continues to tighten its grip on our already ailing economy, Vee Mampeezy ,the country’s most celebrated artist, continues to flex his entrepreneurial muscles, one bottle at a time.

Just a few months since he launched Maveeta, his latest throw of the dice sees him rebrand from Maveeta to Vee Mampeezy Family Products. This move is meant to welcome a new line of Aloe Vera drinks to the family. The five new flavors, Ginger, Grape, Orange, Mango and Strawberry join Maveeta in this fast growing beverage family. Just like he did with Maveeta, Mampeezy has gone to social media to promote his new babies and he has enjoyed support and positive feedback from fellow celebrities and other members of the public.

Vee Mampeezy & Mapetla ‘Skhokho’
Drowning that Aloe Vera

To get his new line of products to the masses, he has signed up a distribution deal with one of the giants in the game, CA Sales & Distribution, and one can get a bottle at their local Choppies store or Square Mart, with more retail outlets obviously in the pipeline.

Considering that Maveeta is rumored to be a once shelved product of his from the past, it would be very interesting to find out what will happen to another rumored product of his from the past, LaVee Condoms.

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